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Rates and Services

I'm a freelance producer and musician, always keen to get involved in new and exciting projects. Because of the wide range of services I can offer, I encourage you to drop me a line to discuss your needs.

You can contact me here via email to discuss whatever you have in mind for your recording/touring project.

This is an overview of the services that I can provide:


I've produced over 60 albums over the last 20 years, and am always looking to get involved with new recording projects. I am willing and able to travel to record, or to host you at my studio in Nashville to work on your project. The Henhouse Studio is competitively priced and is available daily or on a per-project basis. The studio includes an excellent array of gear, and a private and comfortable place to stay for those out-of-towners! If you're a Canadian artist, We are also approved by FACTOR as an acceptable studio to work at. Rates vary greatly from project to project, but I can work on anything from solo artists to full bands. Henhouse Studio rates also include a very comfortable apartment to stay at here in Nashville, which can be be a significant savings!


I have worked as an instrumentalist, musical director, and sideman on many tours and with many artists over the years. I am always looking for new opportunities to play and I'm available for one off shows and tours. Some of the many instruments I play include; acoustic and electric guitars, slide guitar, pedal steel, lap steel, dobro, banjo, and vocals. 


If it doesn't make sense to travel here, but you want world-class tracks added to your project, you should consider doing a remote session with me! I'd be happy to discuss your needs for different instruments on your project and how you would like to record them. I have an excellent array of mics and pre-amps, and can achieve the sounds you are looking for. I've played on well over 200 albums, but am always looking to work on more! I play slide guitar, pedal steel, dobro, banjo, lap steel, 12-string, and more. The process is simple - you just send me the tracks and I will provide you either with a Pro-Tools session of the final tracks or individual WAV files. I will work with you to get the sounds you are looking for on your recording. Single tracks are $250 all-in, and we can work out a deal on discounts for more than one song. Email here for more info!

Live Performance

I frequently tour and perform both solo and with a 3-4 piece band. I have released seven solo albums since 2001, garnering multiple awards and nominations and am always interested in performance opportunities at venues and festivals. If you're interested in booking me or my band for a performance, please contact Ian Menzies. Email here for booking enquiries.