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The Henhouse is a renowned Nashville-based recording and mixing facility owned and operated by Canadian guitarist/producer Steve Dawson. Originally opened in Vancouver in 2007, Dawson moved the studio moved to Nashville in 2013.

The Henhouse has hosted many incredible musicians and recording projects over the years, including many acclaimed and award-winning albums. Steve has earned 7 Juno Awards (Canada's highest honor for music) for his work in the studio.

Steve and The Henhouse are available for all of your recording and mixing needs. Peruse the site for more info on the studio rooms, gear and the recordings made here. The studio includes a fully serviced apartment, to make your project economical while working in Nashville. We are also recognized as a Canadian studio for those clients utilizing FACTOR for funding.

If you have any questions, or would like to enquire about booking, please contact us at 615-708-5810 or by email here.

On this page you'll find photos and descriptions of the studio rooms. For info on the equipment/gear available, please click here.

Tracking Room

The studio consists of one large, open tracking room (roughly 24' x 24'), with 2 small isolation booths off to the side for amps or musicians. The room can be configured in many different ways, but has been set up to easily accommodate several musicians tracking at the same time, just like in the good ol' days! We have a number of heavy custom baffles that can isolate vocalists or acoustic instruments. The room is finished in reclaimed Tennessee barn-wood and burlap, which creates some incredible sonic textures and a very earthy and comfortable feel. Natural light permeates the room when desired, or if you want it dark and creepy, we can do that too!

Control Room

Above the main tracking room sits the control/mix room. At the heart of it is an automated API 1608 Console. The console has 20 inputs for live tracking and many options for mixdown. It is completely hardwired to the floor below using highest quality Mogami cabling. The room has an excellent mix of new and vintage gear, providing the highest quality audio available for your project.

Hangout Room/Overdub Area

Just off the mix room is an open living area for general hanging out and shenanigans that can also be used as an additional isolation room while recording.


There is also a full kitchen on the 2nd floor. It's a great space for eating and cooking, and comes equipped with a microwave, stove, fridge and dishwasher, and of course a coffee and espresso machine, to ensure our artists feel right at home (and have plenty of inspiration)!


On the 3rd floor is a private bedroom with a queen-sized bed and full bathroom that is for the artists use. It is quiet and well-equipped, to make your stay comfortable and welcoming as possible.

The Setting

The house and studio are situated on a beautiful acre of land just 10 miles from downtown Nashville. The studio is private and quiet, and overlooks its own fenced backyard, making it an ideal place to focus on a project and get the most out of your sessions.

Watch Matt Andersen, Amy Helm, Steve Dawson, Jamie Dick and Dennis Crouch perform “Something To Lose” in The Henhouse!