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Danny Barnes

Podcast 2

Danny Barnes

steve dawson

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My guest today is Danny Barnes. Danny is one of the most accomplished and eclectic musicians, songwriters, and wildly creative DIY artists out there. He just won the "Steve Martin prize for Excellence in Bluegrass and Banjo" and is a stellar banjo picker, but his adventurous nature and interest in improvising,new music and electronics really sets him apart. He fronted the genre-bending Austin-based band The Bad Livers before moving to Seattle about 10 years ago. Danny and I talked about his background, how he got into playing music, his history with his band the Bad Livers, Frippertronics, his love of the "Dr. Who" Theme, his epic hangs with John Hartford, and much more... His new album "Get Myself Together (10 Years Later)" is out now and well worth seeking out! This conversation swerved all over the musical spectrum and was extremely insightful for me, and I think it's a revealing look into the mind of a great creative artist.