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Duane Eddy (Part 2)

Podcast 2

Duane Eddy (Part 2)

steve dawson

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This week we have part 2 of my epic conversation with guitar legend and pioneer of TWANG, Duane Eddy. If you haven’t heard the first part of the interview, head on back and pick up episode 11 of the podcast and check it out. As I mentioned last week, he grabbed a guitar off my wall and kept it on his lap the whole time we talked and when the spoirit moved him, he plucked out some examples to illustrate his point. What you’re hearing is an electric guitar unamplified, and very casual! This week we pick the story up after he’s had some hits and we get into his further series of twangy records, how he got into the blues, working on major soundtracks and a classic country record he made in Nashville in the 60’s, "Twang a Country Song" and his reverence for the great steel player Buddy Emmons. It was such an honour to have Duane Eddy drop by and I hope you enjoy the episode. Feel free to leave comments and be sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes!