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Music Makers and Soul Shakers Podcast

A monthly long-form interview podcast, where I sit down with musicians, producers, and even a few managers to discuss their lives and careers in music and record-making.

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This is what I do when I’m not making records or touring…. talk to interesting people about making records and touring! The podcast has evolved into a monthly show in which I interview artists, musicians, producers and engineers about their lives and unique experiences in music. Each one of these people have had a hand in creating incredible music and I encourage you not just to listen to the artists that you may know well, but to dig deep and hear captivating stories from each and every one of my guests. This show has been a true labour of love to develop and I’ve learned so much by doing it. It’s also been a great way to meet and connect with music fans around the world who have shown interest and support in the show. Feel free to drop me a line about an episode you’ve heard, or ideas for future shows.



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