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Episode 30 - Norman Blake

Music Makers and Soul Shakers

In March of 2016, I'll be releasing a weekly podcast that delves into the lives, careers and studio experiences of musicians, music producers, and even a few music biz-types who have been involved in excellent music. Some will be artists you recognize, others will be the musicians behind the scenes you may not be aware of, but each one has a great story to tell and brings a perspective to great music that will be of interest to music fans of all kinds. Stay tuned here and subscribe if you'd like to hear each episode as it gets released starting in March!

Episode 30 - Norman Blake

steve dawson

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My guest this week is bluegrass guitar legend Norman Blake.  Norman's recordings have had a huge impact on me, and I see him as one of the most inspired and quietly influential acoustic musicians of all time. Blake came into view in the late '60s, when he began performing as a sideman with artists such as Johnny Cash, June Carter and Bob Dylan. Norman was also a member of John Hartford's seminal Aero-Plain band. During the '70s, he began a solo career that quickly became one of the most popular and musically adventurous within bluegrass. He continued recording and performing - often with his wife, Nancy - well into the '90s. In recent years he has worked with T-Bone Burnett on soundtracks to "Oh Brother Where Art Thou", "Cold Mountain" and the collaboration between Robert Plant and Allison Krauss "Raising Sand". While Norman has quit touring, he still plays and we are lucky enough to have a brand new album, "Brushwood Songs and Stories" that sees Norman in fine form. Norman was kind enough to discuss all of these aspects of his life and career with me. Enjoy my conversation with Norman Blake, and please subscribe to the podcast for free on iTunes!