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Episode 69 - Redd Volkaert

Music Makers and Soul Shakers

In March of 2016, I'll be releasing a weekly podcast that delves into the lives, careers and studio experiences of musicians, music producers, and even a few music biz-types who have been involved in excellent music. Some will be artists you recognize, others will be the musicians behind the scenes you may not be aware of, but each one has a great story to tell and brings a perspective to great music that will be of interest to music fans of all kinds. Stay tuned here and subscribe if you'd like to hear each episode as it gets released starting in March!

Episode 69 - Redd Volkaert

steve dawson

My guest this month is a Canadian-born, Austin-based guitar player of the highest calibre, Redd Volkaert. Redd grew up not far from where I did, just outside of Vancouver, Canada. He spent years cutting his teeth and learning to play in the seedy country cars of Canada, before packing up and heading south, embarking on adventures in music through California and Nashville, before landing an incredible (and well-deserved) gig as guitar player for Merle Haggard, for whom he played and recorded with for many years.

Redd is now a regular fixture around Austin, Texas, playing regularly at The Continental Club, The Saxon Pub and other great venues with his own group, Haybale! and shows with the likes of Cindy Cashdollar and Bill Kirchen.

I had a chance to catch up with Redd recently and talk about his fascinating history, influences, playing and recording with Merle, and much more. Enjoy my conversation with Redd Volkaert!

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